Social Media is Dragging Young People into Suicide?

In the US, suicide cases at a young age started to show a new increase. The study published in the Journal of Clinical Psychological Science, researches and surveys conducted by American Federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Accordingly, the rate of suicide among young people aged 13-18 has been observed since 2010. In the surveys for this age group, questions about social media usage, television habits, use of electronic devices, moods of suicidal perspectives were asked. The results of the study were remarkable.

The proportion of young people using electronic devices for at least 5 hours a day has increased by eleven percent since 2009 and rose to 19 percent. It was observed that these young people who used electronic devices for at least 5 hours a day were more than seventy percent more prone to suicide than those using electronic devices for 1 hour a day.

The percentage of young girls using social media every day during high school period increased by 29 percent compared to 2009 and this rate increased to 87 percent.

Hopelessness and suicidal tendencies of young girls during high school years are also quite high. This ratio has increased by 5% compared to 2009 and it has increased to 45%. The excellent lives created on social media cause negative effects on the young people in the high school period, especially the adolescent age; dissatisfaction with the conditions and hopelessness against life; many of them are suicidal.

The sharing of perfect lives and perfection on social media has a negative impact on young people who face defective aspects of real life. Although its accuracy has not been proven, this study at least draws more attention to one of the negative effects of social media on young people, and demonstrates that people in this age group or emotional mood should be cautious.


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