Special Bracelet for Social Media Addicted!

Wearable technologies are no longer far away to most of us. Smart wristbands, watches, accessories, rings, belts and even coats are now smart. Among these wearable technologies, we have adapted and used Smart wristbands to our lives very quickly with different functions. Now a new one has been added. A social media wristband that allows you to tour social media on your wrist, especially for those who can’t do without social media. Here are the details…

There will be a solution for those who are afraid to miss something on social media!

Many of us cannot do without social media in our daily lives and we have become addicted to social media. This smart wristband has been developed specifically for those who follow this social media addict and those who can never do it without social media. Name of smart wristband: Hicon.

This smart wristband, called Hicon, is actually a social media wristband or even wearable social media. Because it allows you to connect with your social media accounts. Social media does not limit your access to your computer and phone.

Hicon doesn’t have too many confusing features. No features like making calls or speaking. He describes himself as a social media wrist. What he’s doing is clear. There are six square-shaped social media buttons that allow you to access your social media accounts such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Whatsapp. These buttons are designed to show notifications. It can be changed at any time. The button on your social media accounts as soon as the notification lights up and emits vibration. Users can turn off this alarm by shaking their wrists. It also allows people to communicate with each other.

Improves real-world social interactions!

With this social media bracelet, you don’t need to keep your social media interactions on your computer or your pocket, and you can easily access it and even easily follow it on your wrist. In fact, social media addicts often do not look at their phones or computers in environments where they live and the most worried that something is missing the feeling of being missing. Because you can follow the instant notifications from your wrist and allow you to interact comfortably.

This smart wristband has an interesting feature, which is to develop real-world social interactions. There are two methods for this. In the first one you can identify the most compatible people in your social media by using your information; users with similar features can interact with you if they are nearby. On the other hand, the second method used to develop real-world social interactions; be able to share your personal contact information between two wristbands. So you can shake hands in the real world, and even if you have the same wrist strap, you can add them to your phone and follow up on social media. Of course, those who see these properties as a matchmaking feature are not.

Even if you’re away from your phone, you don’t have to worry!

In order to use Hicon, you need to download the special application developed for your mobile phones compatible with Android and IOS devices. Then you need to sencronize your Hicon with your smartphone. Hicon then uses Bluetooth 4.0 LE technology and stays connected to your smartphone. Even if you’re 100 meters from your phone, it doesn’t break the connection. Thus, when your smartphone is not at your fingertips, it will filter and present information that is important to you on the smart wristband. This connection allows you to set up new environments and socialize with other people around you.

You then record your favorite social networks and associate them with replaceable social media icons in your bracelet. This way you select the notifications you want to carry in your bracelet. Then you can see these notifications, text messages, calls, and even e-mails from the OLED screen on the smart wristband. Follow-up, likes, messages, friendship requests, comments, such as interactions can be found.

So what comes with the wrist next to you and what allows? What are the features? How is it working? Is it currently sold on market, how much is it?


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