Telegram is on the Headlines With It’s Recent Features!

While Telegram is amongst one of the messaging apps, it’s been used commonly around the globe. While Telegram has more than 200 million active users, they make their progress by adding new features into the system. Now they’re on the headlines with Slow Mode (that makes group conversations more useful) and Quiet messages (that makes your job easier when you need silence). Here are the details for those features.

What is Telegram Slow Mode? How can it being used?

As Telegram continues it’s growth by updates, slow mode feature will bring a new dimension to Telegram. It’s aim is to make group conversations tidy.

Users can have difficulty at group conversations because they’re untidy and hundreds of messages can come suddenly. With this feature, group governers can control their members about the frequency of their messaging.

With platform’s permission paned governors can decide whether group members should wait before sending a message. According to governors preference, messages can be limited at timelines such as 30 seconds, 1 minute, 15 minutes, 30 minutes and 1 hour. Even more, timer will show how much group members have to wait before sending a message.

Group messaging will become more clear and tidy. Making communications will become much easier and important details on the messages won’t be göne. All members will get affected by the timelines. So, group members can consider clearly what they want to say.

What is quite message feature comes to Telegram? Which function does it work for? Details are in the continuation on the news.


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