The Feature Of Stories About Yourself Is Coming To Instagram!

Well known social media platform Instagram never wants to settle with it’s user base. The rise of social media’s platform user numbers continues in a unstoppable pace. Instagram offers us newer choices of notification tools. ‘Stories About You’ is coming to Instagram. Details are on the news.

What is the new feature of ‘Stories About You’ on Instagram?

It can be thought as a new notification system for users with the Instagram’s recent update. It has been thought that it makes us seperated from general notification flux and it has been notified by story creating system.

Stories About You’ feature can be liked, especially people that uses Instagram’s stated section commonly and intensively. Because this new feature allows them to understanfd them better and making them able to answer those notifications.

This new feature is important to both user and for brands. Because this new system will provide benefit to analyze brand’s notifications and to measure the effects.

We have stated that since Instagram brought the Stories feature, it has reached 500 million users daily. When we consider the information, it scores the first place when it comes to increasing user profiles. So, it makes sense when Instagram sets a different notification system from the Stories.

What changes Instageam mad efor Stories About You to which users? Can this feature being used? How this feature will affect the social media and it’s users? Continues on the news.


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Ata Tekeli

Ata Tekeli

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