TikTok Feature Comes to Instagram Stories!

In digital and technology age; rapidly changing trends won’t just affects our daily lives. We started to see trend’s affects on social media’s features. As they evolve by updates; they can take features from other applications. Instagram will make one of those examples. This platform will give places to TikTok features in the stories section below. Here are the details.

It’s a well-known fact that social media features are having an eye on other platform’s features. Instagram has copied Snapchat’s stories feature. As Instagram Stories had taken example from Snapchat filters, they reduced the popularity of Snapchat and made Instagram’s use easier. Instagram has set it’s eyes on TikTok’s features.

What kinds of similar features of TikTok will be on Instagram?

TikTok has features of fast forwarding short videos, slow motion on video, adding music to videos and video combination. Popular apps researcher Jane Manchun Wong has announced that those features will come to Instagram. It’ll become possible to create short videos on Instagram Stories and to edit them.

While music addition to Instagram Stories didn’t come to our country yet, it has been used on many countries. As they improve stories section and they bring different features and filters on stories every day, Instagram is not becoming a ordinary photo sharing app. As Instagram aims to bring TikTok experience to their users; they’ll be named as Clips. Instagram users can add music up to 60 seconds long, can support with different effects, can slow them down, can make them faster and they can combine with other videos.

How can TikTok’s music addition feature can be used on Instagram? Does Instagram will have a song library? Can we use those features right now? Details are in the continuation on the news.


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Ata Tekeli

Ata Tekeli

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