Twitter Will Fight Against Fake News!

Twitter is one of the most used social media platforms as all of us know. While this platform has been used by many segments; it has an issue that’s been here since it has become active. While this platform can’t block fake news that are manipulative, resourceless and untrue contents still couldn’t produce solutions despite they developed advanced algorithms and different kinds of sanctions they’re putting into use. While this platform hoped for a solution to this problem, they bought Fabula AI that differentiates fake and real news. What does Twitter is going to do with this technology? Here are the details.

What will Twitter do with artificial intelligence?

Fabula AI is London based and it has been specialized in detecting fake news. According to analysis from TechCrunch, it can detect fake news up to 93 percent ıf correctness. Also Twitter stated that they created their machine learning and artificial intelligence teams, they don’t made any statements about how will they put into use.

Platform will analyze complex and huge sets of data by the technology they bought. This technology doesn’t have any permit to delete fake news, edit them, to send warning to the post owner or similar types of sanctions. It looks like that forcing sanctions to news are on the hands of this platform.

What is the real purpose of Twitter?

Twitter has stated that they aim to improve communication level and communication health by buying Fabula AI, they also stated that they’ll take advantage of deep learning to improve user experience and to increase user satisfaction.

According to Twitter employee that talked to techcrunch stated that it might take time about it’s integration might take time and how this platform will be integrated into system and what will do with this technology. It has been stated another time that the main purpose of Fabula’s purchase is to increase communication health.

Does Twitter has another aim to put this technology to use? What might be their purpose? Continues on the news.


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