Video Viewing Number Changes on Youtube!

Youtube is continuing to add to it’s popularity since 2005. As Youtube takes updates constantşy and adding different features for user experience and satisfaction has started to conduct a study to make it more reliable. They’ll go for a change in viewing numbers for music videos. Here are the details.

Why Youtube changes video viewing numbers?

Youtube pays special attention to channels and music viewing numbers. It’s also important for viewers because it’s been used to create trend lists and video lists. So, high viewing numbers add up to their popularity.

Bots and ads have become the most common way of increasing viewing. In July, Badshah the rapper have made a record within 24 hours and made suspicions. Youtube become no longer unattentive and decided to go on a change.

How the new system will be on Youtube?

Putting ads on music videos in Youtube was a common thing. If ads are being watched long enough, they’ve been counted as a viewing and it was being added on music videos viewing number. And it causes confusion in viewing numbers. As Youtube got disturbed about this situation, they decided to go on a change in viewing on music videos.

Youtube is not going to count viewing on ads anymore. They’ll make lists according to direct connections, search results, another video and trends and Youtube main page will be amongst main criterias.

Why did Youtube made this change? What do they want to get something by this change? What will this change offers to this platform? How it will reflect us as viewers? Continues on the news.


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Ata Tekeli

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