Watch Our If You’re Using YouTube’s Messaging Feature!

While Youtube is one of the most used platforms, it was frst built as a friendship site. As time moved on it became a popular video watching network. Youtube was offering messaging services wth video watching and downloading. But,Youtube decided to remove it’s feature because it’s not being used commonly. Here are the details.

What’s inside Youtube’s messaging feature

The first thing we remember about Youtube is videos. While this platform is being used to watch videos right now, we don’t even know that they offer the feature of messaging . But, Youtube was seen as a bridge like Whatsapp for it’s users. But, when it was evaluated bt Youtube personnel, they saw that it’s use wasn’t satisfactory. For this reason, Youtube decided to remove this feature after 18th of September.

If you’re taking advantage of Youtube ’s messaging feature and if you want to backup your messages, you should follow those steps. Firstly, you should log in to your Youtube account. After that, you should access to URL. There will be a choice of ‘’choose data that will be included’’. This option is the option that you’ll use to backup your messages. Click the button after you circled other options that you want to backup and also circling all conversations and Youtube data are included. You can invidualize the setting that you want to backup by Archive creation setting. Even though Youtube messaging got removed, your backep up data will remain.

Is there going to be any change in comments section not just of messaging? What is the innovation that being made on comments? Which improvements awaits us in the comments section? Continues on the news.


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