Watch Out, Facebook’s Design Is Changing!

Facebook, the application which has been a part in our lives and the most commonly used social media has decided to change it’s design to replace the former design which is used for years. Design changing in subject won’t be a small revision. This social media’s famous blue theme’s reign have become changed. Here are the details.

Facebook changes its design. The most attention-grebing change is that the blue color will say goodbye to new design. Well what kind of details will be hidden in this upside down change in design? Of course, Facebook keeps it secret but let’s share a few clues to people who are curious about it.

That’s Facebook ’s new design

Images which have been shared by the Corporation can give us small clues about changes for new design . The most eye-catching feature of new design is that it’ll say goodbye to blue color theme. The most commonly seen blue color’s absence will be talked about for a long time. Well, what kind of features does it have?

After that Facebook’s new design will be predominantly iconic. Another eye-catching novelty is that minimalit design change for status key.

We can clearly say that this design change will be the biggest and the most recent change since the day Fabebook’s launch. Despite Facebook’s feature stays still everything about presentation to people will change. With this revisioned design Facebook’s design will be less complex and more functional to it’s former counterpart.

What will change in Facebook?

According to another announcement by the corporation stated that they’ll be settled down to Facebook groups with it’s newest design. With this new design, tens of thousands of Facebook groups will have an higher quality time with their new feeling of belonging.

Despite we heard it’s name frequently and became popular at the time, after Instagram came into view it’s been thought about it has lost it’s popularity it still has the most popular social media network. Of course as more soial platforms comes into sight and that causes to increase competition Facebook tries its best to attract its users attention. Can Facebook gets to it’s former strengh by changing it’s design; this question is asked frequently. But with revisions in its design will take this platform’s user experience to a whole new level.

Well how will Facebook affects it’s users by removing blue and changing it with it’s newest design? Why Facebook has done these changes? Continues at the news


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