What are the Depression Symptoms on Instagram Posts?

It can be understood from person's Instagram posts that their psychological state and whether they are depressed. Tips, in our news...

Social media platforms are one of the important tools to learn about people. By examining a person’s Instagram profile, we can find out most things about that person. It can even be understood from his Instagram posts that their psychological state and whether they are depressed. So what are the symptoms of depression in your Instagram posts? It’s on our news…

What are the symptoms of depression on your Instagram account?

Billions of posts are made every day on Instagram. In most of the posts, people seem to be happy. Actually, the facts are not so. Researchers found that photos shared on Instagram can determine whether people are depressed. According to research, it can be understood that users are depressed with their Instagram posts.

A researcher from Vermont and Harvard University collected and analyzed 166 Instagram users and data from 43 thousand 950 images. During the research, many differences were discovered between depressed and healthy users when the images of the users were analyzed. Brightness, filters, shadows, and color preference differences are among these determining factors.

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It is estimated that depressive users will generally prefer dark colors. But we always want to show the opposite of what we feel on social platforms. That’s why, apart from gray or dark colors, another color that stands out is blue. Also, depressed users tend to socialize less so they avoid showing their faces on their profiles.

Of course, there is no definite judgment for healthy users who have depression or not. However, many preferences betray this situation. For example, depressed users use Inkwell filters while healthy users use the Valencia filter.

This research, which gives accurate results at the rate of 70 percent, shows that; People’s activities on social media and their mental health conditions are actually directly linked. In this case, the diagnosis process of the patients varies and the doctors can recognize the patient in a shorter time. The aim of the research is to show how much social media can help mental health screening.

What are the defining features and frequently used filters for your Instagram posts? Do you think your posts show that you are depressed? You can share it from the comment section.

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