What Are We Doing Every Day On Seven Hours In The Internet?

If we want at home, if we want at outside, we spend most of our time on the internet. Most of the time we spend on the internet comes from social media or messaging applications. In our country, internet users have increased 5 million and social media users increased one million users in a year. We nearly spend a third of our day on the internet every day. So, we spend 7 hours and 15 minutes on the internet. We spend 2 hours 46 minutes of this time on social media. So,we get more socialized.

Global social media agencies HootSuit and We Are Social has published ‘’Digital Turkey 2019’’ report. It’s been revealed that how much we use internet, how much we watch television, how much we spend our time on social media, how much we do shopping from e-commerce as a country. Here are some of the details.

Turkey’s population is around 82,4 million. Cell phone usage ratio is very high. Nearly 98 percent of adults uses cell phones. Instead of cell phone users, smartphone users are much more. Smartphone use in adults are 77 percent in our country.

The rate of television, computer, tablet, smartwatch or smart bracelet, virtual reality googles ownership increases. Nearly 99 percent of population has at least a television. Every one of two people have desktops an done forth of the people have tablet computers. Smartwatch or smart bracelet users are around 9 percent of the population.

We nearly spend 3 hours on social media

78 percent of the country’s population or 59,4 million people uses internet. Majority of the users approximately 56.3 million people prefers to connect into the internet via smartphones. While many people are connected to the internet, if you ask what are they doing on the internet or how long do they stay on the internet, let’s answer it right noe. We spend 7 hours and 15 minutes on the internet as a whole. We spend 2 hours and 46 minutes of this time on social media.

We can’t underestimate the social media use in our country. It’s known that 52 million people uses social media. Thus, 44 million of them prefers to access into social media by their phones. In general, we follow the social media from our phones.

We mostly use Facebook

Our most favourite social media looks like Facebook because 43 million people uses Facebook. Right now, popular social media platform Instagram scores the second place because there are 38 million users. Of course, there are some interest to other social media platforms. While 9 million people uses Twitter, 7.3 million uses Linkedin and 6.5 million uses Snapchat.

It’s obvious that we all love the internet, it’s obvious that we adopted to technology. But, we do things except the internet. For example, television hasn’t been forgotten yet. We spend 3 hours and 9 minutes on television. Also, we listen music 1 hours and 15 minutes per day.

Welli do we like e-commerce? Or, the situation is not like as we expected? Continues on the news.


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Ata Tekeli

Ata Tekeli

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