What Does SFS Mean?

If you actively use social media, then you have probably seen the SPS acronym before. This may be a quite confusing acronym but since many people use it too often, you may also want to learn more about it. No matter what your reasons are, we can help you with this guide. Below, you are going to learn more about the SFS acronym, which is one of the popular hashtags, when it was first used, and much more! We also shared an interesting fact that you may want to learn about the roots of SFS. In short, you may not want to miss your chance to learn more about this acronym. So what does SFS mean?

What Does SFS Stand for?

What SFS stands for may vary depending on the context. However, some of the most commonly used references include spam for spam, snap for snap, and shoutout for shoutout. Although Snapchat is not available anymore, we still wanted to include this reference too. It is because SFS owes most of its popularity to Snapchat.

Back in time, when Snapchat was really popular, many people used the SFS tag to request snaps from their friends. In return, they used to promise to send a snap of themselves. As you can guess, it went viral in a very short time since younger generations love to shorten everything to save time.

When Was SFS Used First?

Most of the time, SFS is used for shoutout to shoutout reference. In this regard, the history of shoutout dates much older than the invention of social media. During the 1980s, many MCs and DJs used to wave their hands to say hello to their friends. They also make this move, i.e., greeting by saying shoutout to my friend X. This basic act lets everyone in the venue know more about that particular friend.

This usage became very popular in the entertainment industry and throughout the years, people continued to use this term. As you can guess, it also became popular on social media as well. People shoutout to each other on their social media accounts to increase their reputation, let their followers know more about the target person, and so on.

What Are Other Uses of SFS?

SFS is a one of a kind term that is often used on social media platforms. One popular reference was snap for snap but since Snapchat is not available anymore, people have already forgotten this reference. Another popular reference is spam for spam. This means that if you spam the person who shares this acronym, he or she will be spamming you.

In addition to this, today, the most common reference of SFS is shoutout to shoutout. This means that if you somehow mention the sharer of this acronym, he or she will be doing the same to shoutout to you. This is a great strategy to grow your audience on your social media.

Some other derivations of this acronym are L4L, which stands for like for like, and F4F, which stands for follow for follow. These are also other audience-building strategies.

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