What Happens On Instagram Stories?

Instagram continues to add many features every day thanks to it’s updates. While many changes are made, it still continues to make a difference in Instagram’s stories section. It has added a new feature to Instagram that allows to copy URL, conversation hashtags and sharing on Facebook features have been added by this recent feature. Here are the details.

How Instagram Stories being used?

While Instagram is one of the most commonly used social media platform, when it comes to content sharing, it’s one of the most favourite application. Especially it comes handy when we want to learn about our personal interest fields and having information about the people we love.

When it was first launched, Instagram was used as a photo and video platform but as time moves on new features have been added and Instagram has started to take larger parts in our lives. For example, when users have complained about their content shring is being gone unnoticed, stories came into our lives and we started to share our stories. Let’s share stories feature for people who doesn’t know.

We can take screenshots fort he things that we want to share on Instagram stories and you can make your followers much more aware by adding content on stories section. With stories section, we don’t have to fill our profile with unneccessary things anymore and we can share the content we want in this duration.

There’s time limit on Instagram stories. Your content can be seen within 24 hours only. According to romuors, Instagram considers to lengthen the time limit very soon.

When you want to share stories on Instagram, all you have to do is that, clicking the stories section on Instagram on the upper left hand side. After that, you just have to choose the content you want to share on. You can write something on content, you can draw some images, you can add a gif and you can add many more features with this recent update. After you clicked the share button, there’ll be two choices, close friends only or send directly to friend. You can finish it with choosing to share who you want and where you want to share.

New features have been added on Instagram Stories

There are many features before we share content on stories  and also we can take advantage of many features even through we shared them on stories. Thus, with recent updates this section can be used more enjoyable.

While Instagram is always on communication with Facebook, it has launched the feature that allows us to share content on Instagram stories that allows us to add a Facebook link and also can be shared on Facebook stories. Thus, we can save it and put it into our archives as well. We can do this process by copying URL and you can share it by copying the content shared on stories. With this process, you can save your stories. With the choice of highlighting option you can create files by giving them name and you can make it being seen when somebody enters your profile.

Well, who will Instagram make happy with it’s recent feature? Users who have many followers or social media sensations? What does Instagram’s conversation hashtag works for? Continues at the news.


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Ata Tekeli

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