What is Facebook Business Manager? How is It Used?

What Does Facebook For Business Do? What Can Be Done With Facebook Business Manager? Why should you use Facebook Business Manager? In our news...

Facebook Business Manager is a management portal that enables Facebook business account creation, management, advertisements and verification of your business. With Facebook for Business, you get the opportunity to manage all marketing tools on Facebook from one place. While you are doing ad management on the portal, you will make your work easier thanks to its ability to command tasks.

What Does Facebook For Business Do?

In the past, the use of Facebook ads was not that common, but as it increased over time, the types of ads started to increase. Thus, advertising management, which was easy in the past, became difficult and complex. Exactly this complex structure in Facebook Business Manager has emerged to facilitate.

The platform allows the same ad account to be opened and managed in multiple sessions. Thus, more than one person can access the panel of an advertising account and manage the accounts.

What Can Be Done With Facebook Business Manager?

You can manage pages and data such as Facebook, Instagram, target audience, product catalogs through a single environment.

You can open the page session on multiple panels and control user permissions for everyone working on the session.

You can quickly and easily track your advertising budget, expenditures, display details and Facebook ads on Facebook and Instagram.

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Why should you use Facebook Business Manager?

We can give the reasons and justifications for using Facebook Business Manager as follows;

All advertisers should definitely advertise through Business Manager: At the end of 2018, Facebook changed its advertising policies and made it mandatory to use Business Manager to use the ability to create target audiences from e mail lists.

While special target audiences created by e-mail are always available, audiences coming through Facebook Pixel can be used for 180 days. So you can retarget users with your targeting and turn them back into customers.

Prevents the use of fake accounts: One of the most important features of Business Manager is that it provides a secure environment.

Facebook Business Account has a hierarchical structure. In other words, the manager at the top can assign different advertising accounts to different employees.

Offers fast technical support: There are many useful tools in the platform. Of course, while taking advantage of these, you may encounter some technical problems. In such cases, Facebook Business Manager offers you a very fast help support.

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