What is Linkedin Learning?

The educational content prepared by experts is sharing in this site called Linkedin Learning. What is Linkedin Learning? How to use? in our news.

Linkedin is a platform that brings together people who want to reach their career goals with companies. The platform doesn’t include only job ads. People or companies can share posts, connect with people you definitely want to meet. Linkedin also has an educational tool that helps people improve themselves. The educational content prepared by experts is sharing in this site called Linkedin Learning. What is Linkedin Learning? How to use? in our news.

What is Linkedin Learning?

Linkedin Learning is actually the educational platform of LinkedIn. There are 3 different categories on this platform: technology, business and creative.

  • The Business category includes MS Office programs, finance business development trainings.
  • Recently, the creative category also includes content on how to use design programs like Adobe, which has become the popular
  • In the technology category is available educational contents for coding and software.

Although Linkedin’s Learning site can be used in Turkish; Turkish language isn’t currently supported for education. There are 6 language options especially English for the this platform.

How to use Linkedin Learning?

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You can use the Linkedin Learning platform from your desktop device or run it on the mobile application. You can also pass to this training area from your Linkedin homepage on your desktop device. You can follow these steps for this:

  • Log in to your Linkedin account.
  • Open the “Job” menu in the top right corner of your homepage.
  • Click on “Learning”. Then, you will be directed to the Learning area, which is the training area.

Linkedin Learning has more than 5,000 courses and 16,000 personalized videos. Trainings being constantly renewed by experts. Learning users can download video content to their devices and access it when they are offline. They can also record the videos they want to watch so they can watch later. After, A Certificate of completion is also shared with Linkedin users who complete courses by LinkedIn.

LinkedIn’s training platform offers paid service.  If you want to continue using the application, which has a free trial period of the first month, you have to pay approximately $ 30.  If you can  prefer, you can also buy the annual package of Linkedin Learning. The amount you have to pay for the annual package is almost $ 300.

So do you  use LinkedIn? Have you ever heard of LinkedIn’s training platform before? You can share your views from the comments section.

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