What is Stalk and How Can We Do?

What is a stalk? How to stalk on social media? What should you look out for when you are stalking? Practical tips, in our news...

What is stalk? How to stalk on which social media platform? What does stalker mean? What should you look out for when stalking? Here are the details..

One of the most popular words of the last period is “stalk“. Before this word, which we hear frequently on social media, came into our lives, many of us were actually stalking, but we did not know. So what is a stalk? How to stalk on which social media platform? What does stalker mean? Here are the details..

What is stalk?

Stalk is a word that entered our language from English. In the dictionary, it has meanings such as sneaking, approaching quietly. If we adapt the word stalk to the language of social media; it means following one or more people secretly. ‘What does stalk mean?‘ We can answer the question as; reaserch to reach the information about people’s life.

How to stalk on social media?

For the person who obtained this information in a confidential way; it’s called stalker or stalker. Stalk can actually be different from platform to platform. For example, although it is possible to stalk Instagram, Twitter and Facebook platforms with the same way, this does not apply to WhatsApp.

If the account you will stalk on Instagram is hidden, you must first send a follow request and the owner of the profile must accept your request. If the content on Twitter is protected, you have to follow it in the same way. If you are not friends with the person you will stalk on Facebook; You need to send a friend request. In this case, the secret account can be challenging for those who will stalk on these platforms. But your follow-up request is approved, things get easier. You can access the information of the person you are curious about according to the shared photos, stories, tweets, likes and following.

what-is-stalk and how can we do

Especially when you stalk the people they have just met very well before, it is possible to understand that they are true or lying. In WhatsApp, the situation is not that easy. If you want to follow the last seen and if it was closed, you need to look at it constantly. You have to wait in front of the screen to see the ‘online’, to find out how long he/she has spent on WhatsApp after he/she is online. This situation wastes your time. You should also be careful not to press the call button when trying to see your last seen, status or profile photo.

There are people who use their own or their friend’s accounts to stalk, or even create fake accounts. Which one to choose is up to you. Since not every information in internet data is easily deleted, you can try to Google the name of the person you will stalk.

There are even those who save their phone number on a forgotten Facebook account. You may also be able to see other accounts of the person you searched for on Google or a photo tagged by those around them.

What should you look out for when you are stalking?

There are important points to be aware of when stalking from your personal account rather than a fake or someone else’s account. Some of these are examples such as liking a photo shared in the past, or favoring a tweet posted years ago, or leaving a statement to his/her story without following. Even if you undo your interaction, the person can understand that you are stalking because the notification is already gone.

Stalk can satisfy a sense of curiosity on some issues, but it can become extreme after a while. You may want to stalk everything necessary or unnecessary, and you may feel compelled to constantly scroll through others’ profiles. You can stalk, quench your curiosity and gather information about the other person without going too far and without disturbing people.

So have you ever been caught stalking? Do you prefer to stalk from your personal account or by opening a fake account? You can share from the comment section.

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