What is Youtube Premium?

Subscription system, called Youtube Premium, provides many advantages to its users. So what is Youtube Premium? Which services does it offer? In our news...

Most of the time we turn off the video due to the advertisements that pop up all of suddenly while we’re watching a video on YouTube. The Youtube platform has a subscription system for the users that don’t want to experience this problem. This subscription system, called Youtube Premium, provides many advantages to its users. So what is Youtube Premium? Which services does it offer?

What is Youtube Premium?

1-What are the advantages compared to Youtube?

YouTube is a platform to watching content producing channels as well as; watching TV series, Movies, videos, listening to music and provides to be informed of current issues in the world. However, the advertisements in the videos you open can be annoying from time to time. Before the video starts, the compulsory display the advertisement series causes you to exit the video. YouTube’s premium membership doesn’t offer advertisement to users.

  • Watch the video without advertisement

We can say that Premium has a lot of advantages according to standard Youtube. Firstly, there aren’t advertisements on the videos you watch. Thanks to the ads that don’t appear, you can continue to watching videos without interrupting your enjoyment.

  • Video Download

A second  advantage of Youtube Premium is that you can download videos by connecting to Wi-Fi.  Thus, you can watching the videos you download offline and anywhere without using mobile data.

Another advantage of Premium is that you can follow people who produce content and watch their original videos.

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2- Is the Youtube Music included to Premium?

You can use Youtube Music inside YoutubePremium without having to use paid applications to listen to music. While listening to music, if you have any other engagements on the phone, the music continues to play in the background. Such as standard YouTube, it doesn’t interrupt when you exit the application. When you turn off the screen, you can listen to music . That provides your battery to run out later. If your location is open, YouTube Music recommends appropriate music for its users depending to your environment. İf you’re sitting by the beach, it suggests calming music or if you’re in the gym, it suggests more energetic music.

3- Is Youtube Premium paid?

You can try Youtube Premium free for three months. Just click the “Try Now” option in the video that appears in the advertisements to try it for free. However, if you didn’t encounter such an option in the advertisements;

  • Firstly, enter your Youtube account and then your profile at the top right of the screen. Click the “Paid memberships” option.
  • Click on the “Premium” then “Learn more” from the “Premium” and “Music” options.
  • You can start using the Premium Package, which is valid for three months, by pressing the “Try Free”.

You can cancel the package without having to pay a fee after three months of trying. However, if you want to continue using, students have to pay a monthly a fee.

If your family doesn’t have a person under the age of 13 and you are a family of five, you can also choose to use the family package.

4- Is YouTube Premium also used from the computer?

Youtube Premium can also be used from your PC. Let’s also mention that immediately;

There are premium download options on the internet under the title of Youtube Premium Apk. But, downloading Youtube Premium APK from such sites can be damage your device. That’s why you can start your Premium membership on the Youtube platform.

So, Did you get a Youtube Premium membership? Do you think Premium rivals music applications such as Spotify? You can share from the comment section.

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