What To Do If Your Social Media Is Hacked

What To Do If Your Instagram Account Hacked? What To Do If Your Facebook Account Hacked?

Despite social media became a place for sharing our thoughts and moments; it’s also a dangerous place. One of them is stolen social media accounts. While cyber-aggressors threatens social media accounts; they prevent you from getting into your social media account by capturing. Even more, they can ruin your reputation by gross sharings and they can use your account as a door for revenue. But, how to take back your social media account? What to do if your social media is hacked?

What To Do If Your Social Media Is Hacked?

As social media platforms are filled with cyber-aggressors; some social media platforms offers some sort of services. For example, they can file complaints at their centers. Now, let’s inform you what can you do on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram if your social media account is stolen:

What To Do If Your Instagram Account Hacked?

Just go to Instagram help center if you suspect your Instagram account is stolen.

Choose help on the settings after you’ve entered Instagram. Then, click help center and choose safety and privacy. You can fill in your complaint.

If you can’t, go to take help from logging in. Enter your e-mail address, phone number or account name. Then, you’ll have an e-mail to confirmation and you’ll be required to share some information. Finally, you’ll be notified about how to save your Instagram account.

You can fill a complaint if your Instagram account is forged. Just fill in the form about account information. Only the account owner can fill in the complaint.

What To Do If Your Facebook Account Hacked?

Firstly, log in to your account and change the password. If not, fill in a complaint in Facebook Help Center.

If it’s forged; click three dots and choose fill in a complaint. Then, fill in the form and the acount is examined by Facebook. If forged, the account gets terminated. You can let other people to fill in a complaint to accelerate the process.

What To Do If Your Twitter Account Hacked?

Go to assistance center if your Twitter account is stolen.

If stolen; Go to assistance center. Then choose safety and captured accounts. If you can enter and having an suspicion someone captured your account; change the password. Then, remove all the apps’ permissions of access to Twitter. If unsuccessful, take help from assistance center.

If your social media account is captured; it’s been accounted as a violation of privacy. And it’s been punished up to 3 years in jail.

If your data is used by the thief; it’s a violation of personal data and they get jailed. If neccessary, their time can be extended.

Do you know what should you do if your social media account is captured? Have you ever encountered cyber attack?

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