What Will Happen To Your Social Media Account When You Die?

What will be the fate of our social media accounts when we die.

As we open multiple social media accounts; we collect lots of memories to leave for our loved ones when we die. But, what will happen to our social media account when we die? Some platforms have allowed preparations before we die. Here are the details.

What will happen to your social media account?

Social media accounts generally gets closed or the management is left to their relative. But, many platforms allows the choice to decide their social media account’ fate. Even more, some makes monumentalizing. However they’re not the same. Let’s have a look out what they do when you passed away.


Google makes all the processes when we passed away by looking at the user’s Gmail accounts. Then, they send an e-mail to make sure the account is not used.

But, the death certificate should be passed to Google. So, they can start all the processes.


Instagram allows the account to be shut down and monumentalized. You can make the processes after you’ve got something that shows the death of the individual.

Then, relatives have to fill out the form. Then, Instagram makes the neccessary examinations and monumentalizes the account.


Relatives can close the WhatsApp account when they die. They can delete from the account deletion setting. So, their Whatsapp processes are over.


You either choose a heir if you’re over 18 years old from choose a friend section. And, account heir can do all the processes on your behalf. If your account is monumentalized; it writes on the memory. They can do all the normal Facebook functions except reading them.

Or, you can want your Facebook account permanently deleted. Your account gets closed after your death certificate is delivered. If not, your account gets frozen. All can be donw on manage my account.


There’s no feature like on any other social media accounts. They only require a death certificate. Your account gets deleted after every process is made.

Have you ever chosen your social media heir? Do you prefer your account to be deleted? Share your thoughts on the comments section below.

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