Whatsapp Comes With Four New Features!

Whatsapp was working on new features for a long time. They brought four new features to services they provide. Here are the details.

What are those four features came into Whatsapp?

While Whatsapp has been used by 1.5 billion people, it will offer four new features. Despite those new features doesn’t go into headlines, those three of them will be useful for users.

Fingerprint lock is coming

Fingerprint lock will take an important part in users. While Whatsapp has become an important platform to message with our friends and family even more calling them, we can enter this application with our Fingerprint . With this feature, it’ll be prevented that someone except us will see our private messages . In application, fingerprint lock will work like opening the screen lock with our Fingerprint in our phones. This application will make it’s users much more satisfied when it comes to safety.

Voice messages can be played automatically

Voice messages have been used commonly in this application especially for people that has difficulty wiriting a message, they click into microphone button and wirte their messages like that and in order to listen to them, you just click to a button. With this feature it’s enough to click the voice messages once and voice messages will be played automatically.

Easy access will be provided to Facebook

Facebook has made many innovations for Whatsapp and Instagram. Finally, they added Facebook connection inside Facebook . Right now, in the settings below, Facebook will have a place.

Fake messages will be tagged

One of the issues that’s been commonly encountered is fake messages. While Whatsapp brought this feature to prevent fake messages, they’ll tag forwarded messages . So, users will see their messages to be forwarded or not.

How those features will be used? When it’ll be started to be used? Continues on the news.


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Ata Tekeli

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