WhatsApp Disrupt Your Relationships With Your Friends!

While WhatsApp removed most of the short messages on our lives, it’s taking more place by updating itself. Right now, one of the updates of WhatsApp is related to group chats. Here are the details about this update.

How can you control WhatsApp group expansions?

People could add people to their WhatsApp group they wanted to be in. Even more, most of them are unnotified about that. Even more, some WhatsApp users got tired of this situation. With the new option coming to WhatsApp, users can be able to not to join WhatsApp groups.

We might encounter some people face to face despite we don’t like them. Even more, we might be on the same WhatsApp group without we realize. With this feature, we can get rid of WhatsApp groups. Because we can decide who to add us to their groups. But, that might tear your relations apart because you’ll decide who to add you to their groups.

In order to use this feature you should go to WhatsApp settings. Then, choose the privacy option and get into the groups option. After that, there’s a window tol et people adding you to their groups. Finally, you decide to involve in to group talks.

Which choices will be existent on options? How can you decide whom to add you on that group? Which points should we take onto consideration? Continues on the news.


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Ata Tekeli

Ata Tekeli

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