Whatsapp Group Message Users are in Danger!

While Whatsapp is the most used and the most popular messaging platform, some dangers got uncovered at group messaging and when taking quotatious messages. It has been told that there are security gaps that allows the content of the messages to be changed both in general and in private discussions. Here are the details.

Which dangers awaits for Whatsapp group messaging users?

Security researcher named Victor Chebyshey stated in his explanation in the Kaspersky Lab that security gap can cause huge setbacks considering Whatsapp is the most popular messaging platform. According to evaluation of this huge problem, group chat participants might get exposed to humuliating messages with false messages. This can have serious consequences. Despite it’s a huge problem, users can get over it and for this reason, users don’t have to leave this app altogether. But, what should users do?

Let’s state that there might be two gaps in it’s software. Our part is to be extremely careful. If users get suspicious in private chats, they should verify the sender’s identity.

Except that, users should follow Whatsapp updates. It might make you more secure if you download it’s final update as long as it’s been launched.

Which one of those dangers does Whatsapp users awaits? Why extracted messages causes danger? Continues on the news.


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Ata Tekeli

Ata Tekeli

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