You can Hide Twitter Answers that Comes to You!

Twitter continues to make updates to it’s features. One of them is about hiding the answers and they’ve started to test it on July and it’s known that all users can use it very soon. But, how can Twitter users why and can hide the answers? Here are the details.

What is Twitter hide the answers feature and how to use it?

Twitter has announced hide the features on February and they’ve started to conduct the tests afterwards. This feature works for hiding the answers came to users. While this feature is being tested on Canada; after Canada phase, it’ll be tested on Japan and the US. After the testing, it’ll be used all around the world.

This feature works to hiding the answers that came to users tweets. It’s main purpose of this feature is aimed to hate speech coming from users. So, they aim to reduce hate speech.

Even more, hiding the answers makes people to manage their accounts more. They give the right to users to control the comments. With this feature, users can delete the tweets they want, hide them or remove them. And the person will choose one of those three options.

How can you use hiding the answers? When will we use this feature? Continues on the news.


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