You Can Make Payments From Instagram!

Instagram, which is the social media network we use one of the most, recently has a new feature expected for a long time. Finally, users can be able to complete their purchases and complete them without leaving Instagram. Let’s start to tell you Instagram’s feature of making payments.

Shopping and payment options have been added to Instagram, which is one of the most commonly used social media network. You can do your purchases in Instagram with the feature ‘Checkout’.

Your purchases can be completed without leaving Instagram

In our age, e-commerce gains momentum and we prefer this method of shopping because it’s fast, practical and convenient. While Instagram is an important e-commerce channel, when a company had advertised their product and when the user clicks into that product, ther’ll be a make purchase option.

Checkout feature will make choices about colors and shape and also it brings convenience to users. Users will make their purchases right before they leave their page and continue their transactions.

While Instagram is being used commonly in e-commerce, when users wants to purchase a product, they’ve been directed into the corporations website. Users can be able to make their purchases without leaving Instagram by clicking the ‘make purchase’ button.

Well, how this feature can be used? How online shopping comes to function? Continues at the news.


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Ata Tekeli

Ata Tekeli

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