You Can Silence Your Twitter Notifications!

While social media makes us busy thoroughout the day, it’s also something that we can’t become disconnected. As the situation is like that, we get exposed to a lot of notifications. While we follow them with pleasure, we get disturbed to see some of them. We can turn the notifications off in Whatsapp. Right now, the same feature is on Twitter. Here are the details.

How Twitter’s notification settings work?

Twitter will silence the notifications that we got disturbed. So, you can turn the notifications off for a period of time. While this button is going to be used to silence the notifications that we don’t like, it’ll made thorough the bell button at the top right-hand side of the notifications section. There are lots of alternatives for users will exist. There are 3 different turn off notification options that allows you to turn off notifications from 1 hour to 12 hours.

With the featur that Twitter is going to launch, those notifications won’t get us disturbed as Whatsapp has this feature. Let’s state that notifications will accumulate even though you silenced them, they’ll be seen on the top right-hand section of the notifications section. You just silenced the notifications on Twitter, you don’t prevent them coming. So, when your job is over or when you want to see your notifications you can look all of your notifications from notifications section and you can answer them.

With this new feature, you can stop your notifications up to 12 hours. Right now, it hasn’t been launched. It’s tests are being conducted and it’ll be launched very soon.

Why those features started to be put into use by social media giants? What are they trying to take precautions against their users? Continues on the news.


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