Youtube Giving Comes For Youtube Users!

Youtube is not just a platform that hosts many different types of content, also it has become a revenue place for many people. While this platform is aware of this fact, a new modüle like Youtube Giving will enter our lives. Here are the details.

What is Youtube Giving?

One of the popular social media platforms Youtube brings some people fame and makes some people make alive hoping that they’ll become famous. So that, new occupational groups exists like Youtuber and content producer.

People that we named Youtubers or content producers have been started to being watched out on many platforms and many viewers have started to become influenced and takes them as a example.

As a result brands have taken advantage of them and they have created revenue doors for them and also created a reference for them. By this impact, Youtube has promoted a crowdfunding platform that named Youtube Giving to make donations easier.

Youtube Giving is actually a new module, it has been announced at Youtube’s one of the blog posts. Right now it’s in beta stage. Before this platform is being launched, it’ll be offered to a limited number of content producers.

What will be inside at Youtube Giving?

Three beta features that got revealed in Youtube Giving: Fundraisers, Communiy Fundraisers and Campaign Matching. So, it’s a match between the three of them.

Fundraisers allows Youtubers to reach crowdfunding campaigns while their videos and live broadcast. Community fundraisers allows many participants to host the same donor. This feature has been designed as a way to fundraiser makes many viewers to participate in a video at once.

Youtube will create campaings for non-profit activities and it’ll handle logistics payments. Even more in beta stage, it’ll handle all the costs of fundraising. Unfortunately, it’s not been stated that how much do they cost.

What will Youtube Giving offer to people to inspire more participants? What will be given to you when you made a donation? Continues on the news.


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