YouTube is Making Changes on Subscriber Numbers!

Controlling our numbers of followers and number of likes have turned into a daily ritual. While Instagram stated that it’ll hide likes on video and photo sharings, similar news came from Youtube. It’ll show the number of subscribers approximately.

Youtube is showing subscriber numbers approximately

Increase in the number of likes and the number of comments to a post we shared increases our digital motivation. We might call this as a digital confidence. But, it’s a fact that not all of users social media performance is high.

Sometimes accounts that’s been left for itself or a mistake made by a famous Youtuber, their follower and subscriber numbers might start to fall. This situation might cause negative impact on their accounts. Moves that will prevent this situation has been started to be announced by the owners and the designers of this application. Instagram told that they’ll hide like numbers in videos and photos.

Youtube has shared the details of it’s move similar to Instagram. For example, Youtube subscriber number will be seen as 2.3 million despite it has 2.304.653 subscribers.

Which stress Youtube is trying to decrease with that move? Which reasons are lying under this innovation? How Youtube users will see total numbers of subscribers? Continues on the news.


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Ata Tekeli

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