YouTube Kids Are Coming For Children!

Technology is entering our lives more and more everyday. We can access and use everything by internet. We have many platforms that we can access via mobile and from the web. One of the most important platforms online, Youtube offers content without looking at the age. With their recently made Youtube Kids application, has created a safe envoirment for children to use. Here are the details.

What is YouTube Kids?

While Youtube founders have bringing this idea into life, they made a platform that allows people to share videos to their potential spouses and friends. But this site has passed different kinds of evolutions and it continued to become a platform for content sharing and as a video application.

Youtube has been used for many things such as movies, music, entertainment. In recent years, it became a platform that childrenspends the most time. Children can reach entertaining and education content from this platform but they can get exposed to many advertisements and many inaapropiate content . Most of them sees the option of deleting Youtube because they don’t know how to block them or they don’t know how to control it. But Youtube has found a solution. They have broadcasted Youtube Kids application for childrenonly content.

What kind of features does Youtube Kids will offer to calm down the parents?

With Youtube Kids, actually Youtube content has been designed for childre. They have not only made changes on content, they also changed designs specifically for children. For example, they used upper case letters and colorful designs. This makes childrento use this application easily.

Youtube Kids developed many features that comports the parents. It has brought a limiting mechanism that parents concern about what their children watche and how it’s harming them. You can control your children with Youtube Kids solution. For instance, you can arrange the videos and time for your child to watch videos. Thus, you can decide which videos your child can’t watch and you can also prevent your child from clicking it.

Youtube Kids application can be downloaded from Google Play and App Store. It provides content for children on learning, music, discovering and staging. Youtube Kids aims to inform and making them aware in every field by creating an entertaining structure.

Well, what kind of settings Youtube Kids have to keep children safe? Which setting that can make you set the time for your child to watch? What setting does allows you to choose sound effects? How can you limit your child’s search settings by which setting? Well, which countries being put into use? Continues at the news.


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