Youtube Offers New Ways of Making Money!

When we start content producers and influencers on social media, Youtube is the first one we remember. While this platform has an absolute advantage at user numbers and limitless content from it’s counterparts has been shown as the first and only choice by video content producers.

Despite Youtube’s position, in order to attract morecontent producers and to keep other content producers; they offer new ways of making money. What are those new ways? How content producers in Youtube can make money in new ways? Here are the details.

Which ways of making money offered to content producers by Youtube?

When Youtube advertised new features and revenue doors at VidCon 2019, Youtube has conducted one of the most attractive conferences. Youtube has offered new ways of making money to content producers in this conference. New features that attracts the attention are Super Stickers and Learning Playlists.

Super Stickers

New feature called Super Stickers has been offered and integrated to users and editors in Super Chat. With Super Chat, viewers can donate Youtubers on live broadcasting and they can directly send their message to the person they made donation. So, content producer got supported and both viewer and the producer can internact with each other more comfortably and faster.

Super Stickers can be seen as an additional feature to this system. While those tags will get opened in future months, users can show how much they like their Youtubers and their video content. With this addition Youtube will offer a revenue door to content producers on live broadcasts.

Channel Subscriber Levels

Youtube has offered a new channel subscription in recent years. With this system, users can become private subscriber to their favourite channels by paying 4.99 dollars per month. While this subscription system offered hashtags for users, new facial expressions and other extra features; it has brought a new dimension to channel. While those levels will be classified by the channel owner; it’ll be divided into five levels and those five levels will have distinguishing features. While this system is being tested on globally famous channels; the fact that revenues can jump to six times when compared.

Educational Lists are Coming

One of the best ways of learning something new; Youtube and lots of content producers are on this place. While Youtube is aiming to make their lives easier, they offer a new listing feature to make educational videos easier to access. With this feature, content producers can categorize their content and they can put into lists by dividing them into sections. With this feature, educating content will be seen more and more financial sources will be provided and users can reach onto the information they want.

Can Youtubers start to use those features right now? What can change in Youtube? Details are in the continuation on the news.


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