Youtube Stories Came Into Life!

Snapchat’s stories trend goes all the way to other applications. After Instagram, while Facebook and Whatsapp brought them in their platforms, Youtube becomes the final one. How can Youtube Stories can be used? Who will use Youtube Stories? Here are the details.

How can Youtube Stories can be used?

Social media platforms have brought this feature to solve the problem of some people’s content have been missed from the eye of others. This feature have been so loved that it has started to come into our lives. The final one that joined the trend is Youtube. You can share stories on Youtube if you have a certain subscription.

We encounter new updates and features to applications everyday. Whil Youtube added the stories feature, it has added a new field. While Youtube makes visual and video content, it’s also being used to listen music and for informing videos. It still leads the first place on video platforms when it comes to the contents shared by celebrities, social media influercers and people that wants to become informed. Now, it has become where product advertisements are made and adding our opinions about the brands that we use.

Who will use Youtube Stories?

While it has become the most used social media, it’s not just for listening music and watching videos. Right now, it’s possible to say that it’s being a small Google. So, if people wants to be informed when they’re cooking or being informed about a product, they use Youtube and they can find answers. Also, the answers they took from this people can become celebrities or people that have information about a certain topic. The most important thing a viewer has is trust. So, it’s important to give realistic answers.

We encounter some people that has dedicated their lives on Youtube. Even more, we have created a occupational field called ‘’Youtuber’’. There are hundreds of thousands or even millions of followers on Youtubers accounts that can be brands, professionals or kids. They share different categories of videos such as entertaining or informing content. And they increase their followers each day by sharing content. While Youtube have brought stories feature to channels that reached a certain number of followers and created a difference by bringind the stories feature to individuals.

Well, who will use Youtube Stories? How many followers do we need to use this feature? How Youtube Stories will being used? What is aimed by this feature? Continues on the news.


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