10 Robots That Changed The World

Robots that become the ancestors of modern robots. Despite robots are competing with humans; different devices were developed. Here are 10 robots that changed the world.

Robots that become the ancestors of modern robots. Despite robots are competing with humans; different devices were developed. Here are 10 robots that changed the world.

Robots That Became Inspiration For Modern Robots:

As developments in robotics is growing rapidly; they can make most of the things that we’re capable of. But, everything happened over time. Here are the robots that became inspiration for modern age.


While it was developed in Babylon; it’s one of the first robotic device. And became inspiration for Ctesibius in 270 BC. Main difference is; some needles were used. And time had a different meaning.

-Tesla’s Remote Controlled Boat

Tesla has found a remote controlled boat on 1898. He managed to move the boat by putting water on the conference in Madison Square Garden. And, our lives changed with remote signals.

-The Moving Tape

Henry Ford has built a factory with assembly line buit on moving tape. This allowed workers to put the pieces onto one thing. So, a Model T is built within 90 minutes with dramatic reductions in mass production, work and worker costs.


Asimo has been advertised as a human robot. And became the first of it’s kind on robotics by doing human functions that made one of the most important robots.

-Leonardo’s Robot

Leonardo’s Robot aka. Leonardo’s Mechanical Knight can move, rotate it’s head and sitting down. We dont know whether a humanoid robot exists before Leonardo’s Robot; but it’s been seen as the first humanoid robot.

-Digesting Duck

Digesting Duck has been developed by Jacques de Vaucanson. It can eat and digest in it’s stomach. It’s guts have been created from elastic tubes. Also, Digesting Duck can swim like a real one with an assisting system.

What is the first industrial robot? Which robot became inspiration for modern technologies? Which robot produces an automobile and a boat within 16 hours? What can Genghis do with it’s insect inspired design? Who designed BigDog? Continues on the news.

-Unimate: The first industrial robot

Unimate is the first industrial robot. Unimate has opened a new page on heavy industry by being 2 times more productive than a normal worker. So, Unimate became inspiration for modern factories.


While it’s been developed by Charles Rosen; Shakey mimics the human brain. It can see it’s envoirment. And became inspiration for modern society. Also, it played a key part in Hubble Space Telescobe.

-Freddy II (1970)

Freddy is the first robotic arm developed in Edinburgh University. Freddy II has a camera and a visual recognition technology. With these technologies; it can assemble all the parts at once. Freddy II has managed to produce a boat and an automobile within 16 hours. So, a new age in production and assembly.


While it has been developed in 1989; Genghis has sensors on it’s legs for walking. And, became a stepping stone to navigate difficult terrain under difficult conditions. Maybe, they became inspiration for rescue robots.


While BigDog is being produced by Boston Dynamic; it’s a dynamic robot with four legs. This robot can jump over obastacles and pass thorough difficult terrains with high speed. And BigDog can show resistance against powerful blows. Maybe, this robot can be an inspiration for military technologies.

We told 10 Robots That Changed The World. What do you think about robots that became inspiration for modern robots?

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