Apple TV Users Should Know

What settings are available on Apple TV; which users should pay attention to? Tips for Apple TV users should know; here are the details.

Recently, instead of watching television, we prefer to watch platforms that allow us to consume the content we want and mostly broadcast from the internet. Apple TV is one of them. With Apple TV platform; you can watch so many contents such as TV series, movies, music, photography and radio. In order to take full advantage of the platform, it is very important to master its features and tips. Tips for Apple TV users should know.

Things That Apple TV Users Should Know!

What is Apple TV?

Apple TV is designed with an operating system that allows watching many content from series to movies on TV. Although Apple, compares the Apple TV operating system to iPhone and iPad, its usage is a little different. This TV set is used with a remote control. However, if IOS devices are paired with Apple TV, they can have a function as a remote controller. Apple makes it possible to stream many content, especially photos, videos, files and music on IOS or Mac devices, to the TV with it.

How to control the volume with the remote control?

Apple TV’s remote control is designed to control the volume. What to do to for checkig the sound settings is quite simple. Let’s express it step by step:

Enter the Remote Controls and Devices menu through the Settings menu.

Then go to Volume Control.

You can also check the battery life of the remote control. For this, you need to:

First, go to the Settings section.

Select the Devices step from the Remote Controls menu.

In this section, you will see the symbol that shows the battery level as a percentage.

What are the shortcuts?

The remote control is used thanks to the voice recognition feature of Siri. However, Apple offers shortcuts besides Siri’s voice recognition feature. For example; Long pressing the Home button puts the device into sleep mode. The screen saver opens when the menu option is clicked twice. Three clicks on the menu option, Accessibility Shortcuts come into play.

Siri can help you

Any word can be typed on Apple TV by hand or Siri’s voice recognition feature can be used. In particular, thanks to its Siri voice recognition feature, it can also function as a control in the control of smart home devices defined with HomeKit.

Which apps are on the home screen?

Applications on the AppleTV screen can be designed. Here are the details:

Press and hold the symbol of the application that you want to delete or move.

Then select the Play or Pause icon after the symbol starts moving.

If it is paired with any IOS device, this can be done from the Settings menu of the device.

For this, it is necessary to click on the application to be deleted after going to Manage Storage Space.

Which content does Apple TV have?

With the application, you can buy or rent contents such as TV shows, movies, and music. It is also possible to change subtitle settings while watching any content. For those who do not know; Clicking on the left or right side of the screen after the video is played offers forward or rewind options.

What should you do if there is a connection problem?

If Apple TV apps start to pause and freeze, you need to restart your device. For this, you can:

You can restart the device by pressing the Home and Menu keys at the same time until the light on the Apple device turns off.

Another way is to go to the Settings menu. Then select System and Reboot.

Remote control function of IOS devices

The remote control function of it can be eliminated with iPhone or iPad devices other than Siri. Devices with the IOS operating system are paired with the Apple TV Remote application and act as a remote control. It is not possible to control the volume with IOS paired devices. However, by typing with the keyboard, Apple TV can be commanded.

How can you automatically upload applications on IOS devices to Apple TV?

For those who do not know; All applications downloaded to iPhone can be installed on iPad automatically. Apple has also introduced the feature for TV to automatically install any application downloaded from the same account to all IOS devices. The steps to be followed to enable the feature are;

Go to the Settings section.

Then click Automatically Install Applications from the Applications section.

Select ‘On’ here.

How to set screensaver manually?

To manually activate the screensaver feature of it, the menu button must be clicked twice. However, if the Home button is pressed for a long time, the TV may switch to sleep mode.

So do you use it? What are the different features you know about?

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