Effects Of Spaceflight On The Human Body

What are strange things that happen to the bodies of people after space travel? Let's read effects of spaceflight on the human body.

The human body came out of caves and started living in buildings. They finished hunting and gathering. They are already used to shopping at the grocery store. It is possible for us to easily accept the changes we are living in our planet. However, this may not be the case in another environment that our body is not used to. Because interesting changes occur in the human body on space during space travel. What are strange things that happen to the bodies of people after space travel? What does space do to the body? Let’s read effects of spaceflight on the human body.

Strange Things That Happen To the Bodies Of People Traveling In Space:

1-) Will Your Height Increase Or Decrease?

There is no gravity in space. This means that unlike in the world, gravitational force is not applied to our spine every second. Astronauts return to earth after spending a while in space and elongation of 6-7 cm is observed their height. Reason for this, emptiness between the human spine increase in the gravity-free environment.

2-) Will Walking Disorder Occur?

Astronauts spend a long time in space and spaceship. They may experience heavy walk disturbances when return to earth. Astronauts, who have been floating for a long time, learn to walk again when they return.

3-) Will Mass Loss Occur In Body?

In addition to these symptoms, the effects of outer space on humans are not so innocent. Other system disorders occur apart from like changes that can be seen from the outside. It is not possible to eat like we do on earth during our time in space. Since it is in an environment without gravity; fire cannot be lit on the space station or spaceship, meals are cooked in earth and sent from vacuum. Astronauts add a few drops hot water before eating. This activity is outside of standard eating routines, causes the human body to lose weight.

4-) Will Muscle Loss Occur In Space?

There is a constant force of gravity on us in the world. Our muscles resist to this force and we remain strong. But there is no gravitational force affecting our muscles in space. For this reason, astronauts muscles’ gradually get weak. Space companies offer astronauts the obligation to exercise for 2 hours a daily. However, muscle loss cannot be stopped.

We gave you infos about the effects of spaceflight on the human body. We explained what happens to the human body if it is in space too long? So, what do you think about this process that astronauts are going through? Would you like to be in their place? Is it as fun as looks?

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