How to Get Rid of Damp on Walls in the Home?

Perhaps a lot of people are still having problems with damp and they are asking how to fix it, how do you get rid of damp on walls? If a wall has been exposed to humidity for a long time, it may get damp and the paint may flake off of the wall. In such cases, what should be done is wall shielding. In other words, the damp area should be filled and redecorated.

A damp wall with flaking paint can easily be repaired using materials that can be purchased from hardware stores. Styrofoam sheets, adhesive and plaster, half bucket water, a spatula of gloves and a little fiber mesh that you need.

How a damp wall with flaking paint is repaired

We should start with preparing the styrofoam adhesive. In a bucket, mix enough styrofoam adhesive and water. When it gets consistency of plaster, use a spatula to spread it on one of the sides of the styrofoam sheet. You should make sure enough adhesive is smeared on the sheet. This ensures that the styrofoam sheet has been firmly bonded to the wall. Now the styrofoam sheet is carefully placed on the wall.

Applying some pressure on the sheets with hands will help ensure a firm bond. Then some adhesive is smeared on the second styrofoam sheet as well. This one goes next to the first one, Again, ome pressure is applied to ensure a firm bond. Now, it is time to plaster the wall. Mix enough styrofoam plaster and water. Now, smear the plaster you have mixed onto the styrofoam sheets. It’s time to put on the fiber mesh.

First, take an approximate measurement to determine the needed size of the fiber mesh. Then cut it to size and bond it on pressing with your hands. Then smear another layer of plaster on top of the fiber mesh. The use of the fiber mesh is important as it reinforces the plaster ensuring a firm bond. It should be left to dry for about 2 hours.

If your plaster work doesn’t look as good as this one, you can use a dishwashing sponge to level off imperfections. Now we can start painting it. Using an electric paint sprayer makes everything easier. Paint all the surface of the styrofoam sheets spraying the paint on uniformly. As a result, damp wall has been repaired and isolated against humidity and heat transfer. Taking care of the house is equally important as your health.

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