How to Repair a Hand Mixer?

Hand mixers are one of the most important and most useful kitchen appliances. They are used to whip and beat ingredients in making of various cakes and desserts. They mix ingredients in a very short time without clumping. Mixing thick ingredients may eventually cause your hand mixer to break down.

For instance, trying to mix thick dough with a hand mixer may cause the gear wheel to get worn out and they cannot turn the beaters anymore. Heavy loads may cause cog wear and the gear wheel cannot turn the beaters anymore.

In such a case, the gear wheels must be replaced with new ones. To do this, first remove the screws holding the housing cover. Then remove the screws that fix electrical parts to the housing. Here they are. Worn down gear wheels.

For remove gear wheels, motor should be removed first. Then unthread the screws holding the gear wheels and remove them. After removing the gear wheels, clean the motor for better performance. The reason of the excessive dust in this part is the dust particles from the ingredients getting sucked in through the air intake vents.

Clean the dust on the PCB while you are at it

Excessive dust in the motor housing and on the PCB may cause overheating and short circuit. So cleaning the dust is of utmost importance for better performance and long life. Inner walls of the housing should also be cleaned using a wet towel.

Then scratch and clean any residue that blocks the air intake vents with the tip of a screwdriver. Now we can replace the gear wheels. Fit the replacement gears into the slots. Then fit the assembly in the housing and fasten the screws.

Now, it’s time to reassemble the units. Fit the cooling fan first. Then fit the motor assembly into its housing and fix it fastening all the screws. Before you put on the cover, turn the mixer on the make sure everything works properly.

Now, the gear wheels turn as they should. Since everything seems to be in order, we can now put the cover back on. Put the beaters in and turn the hand mixer on again for a final check. As a result of this, the beaters turn as they should anymore. With the replaced gear wheels, this hand mixer can be used for a long time.

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