Solar System and Voyager 1

In the instances that Curiosity begun to explore surface of the Mars, it was about to exceed another binary solar system that started its journey half a century before: This is Voyager 1. This space craft that flew in the year 1977, it continues to advance unceasingly since that day up till today.

We owe to it most of what we know in our solar system regarding the planets beyond Mars and especially satellites. Jupiter, Saturn, IO and many more. Because no other eyes could look at them closer as much as Voyager. There is another position of Voyager in the history of mankind.

These means the remotest point that we could carry the accumulation we have created up till today. And what we just mentioned is not an abstract metaphor. Voyager is actually carrying a record of our history of civilization as well. By the means of a plate that settled in the body of the vehicle.

This is A Plate Made of Gold

There are sounds from the world, pictures and information in the plate. There’s a language created out of zero on its surface. So that if any intelligent life form come across with this device in distant future to be able to understand how to make the plate work. Just as we communicate with letters, in the same way the manual of this device is coded through the element that found most in the universe: Hydrogen.

In the instance one understands that sign is hydrogen one can reach the content of the plate and the place of the earth in milky way. So this is the place that has been reached now by the story begun with the pictures carved on the cave walls.

Voyager itself and the gold plate on it carries the thousands of years of accumulation into the outer space and new abandoned solar system and passed to interstellar space. It is unknown if it will reach a life form during its shelf life for one million of years, but it’s definite that it is symbol for humanity. The story of where the Voyager went and the people and events made it possible.

As Carl Sagan said, every hunter and gatherer, every farmer, every mother and father, every child and sadly, every king and degenerate politician, every destroyer of civilization and every empire who lived through the history of mankind. Everybody and everything that lived and living in this little blue planet is one of the wheel of the time machine.

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