Top 5 Scientists of All Time!

Their inventions and theories have been and will be talked about for years. Here are the 5 best scientists of all time.

Unlike other people, some scientists asked questions and tried to answer systematically. These scientists and their discoveries have changed our lives. They put forward many theories, some of which remain mysterious, some of which are still being debated. Their inventions and theories have been and will be talked about for years. Here are the 5 best scientists of all time.

1- Albert Einstein

Perhaps one of the first names that come to mind when talking about scientists is Albert Einstein. You have seen the formula E = mc² at least once. One of the best foreign scientists of the 20th century, Einstein ranks first in our list with his revolutionary works in mathematics and physics. These works made him win a Nobel Prize in Physics in 1921. He had been inquisitive since he was little and had a post about magnetic fields when he was young. Contrary to popular belief, Einstein never failed in mathematics. While working in Switzerland, he also summarized E = mc² while explaining the relationship between matter and energy. With the rise of the Nazis in the 1930s, he immigrated to America and spent the rest of his life there. In 1955, he died of internal bleeding. Albert Einstein is first for the top 5 scientists of all time.

2- Marie Curie

The Polish-French physicist and chemist Marie Curie received the Nobel Prize for her research in the field of radioactivity. At the end of his work with uranium, she discovered radioactivity. She decomposed the element radium and also found the radioactive properties of Thorium element. She received a Nobel Prize in Physics in 1903 and the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1911, and she is considered the founder of radiology. She is also the first woman to be awarded the Nobel Prize and the first person consecutively. She died of blood cancer in France in 1934, after being exposed to high doses of radiation over the years. The unit of radioactivity was named “Curie” for her work in the field of radioactivity.

3- Nikola Tesla

Tesla, an American electrical engineer and inventor with Serbian origin, and also he is a scientist far beyond his age with his contributions to alternating current. He was born in the Austrian Empire and studied advanced physics and engineering in his youth. Then, he moved to America and worked with Edison. For years, he worked on inventions that he could market and patent. Tesla, the originator of many technologies we use today, died in New York in 1943. Interest in Nikola Tesla, who has put into his life an alternating current electrical system, Tesla coil, hydroelectric power plant, and numerous inventions that the whole world uses today, has increased in recent years.

4- Ada Lovelace

Perhaps the least known scientist on this list is Ada Lovelace, who lived in the 19th century. Ada, an English mathematician, and writer is known for her work on the Analytical Machine, a mechanical computer. Notes about machines contain the first algorithms written to be processed by a computer. For this reason, it is considered the world’s first computer programmer. These notes are also very important for the history of computing. Her poetic approach towards science helped her to work analytically and become a scientist far ahead of her time.

5- Charles Darwin

Charles Darwin, an 18th-century British biologist and natural historian is regarded as the founder of the theory that says evolution occurs through natural selection. His book titled “On the Origin of Species”, in which he explains the mechanisms of evolution, came about as a result of nearly 20 years of Darwin’s research. Today’s science of biology and modern evolutionary theory are also built on the ideas here. The theory of natural selection that was put forward by Darwin, became the main explanatory of evolution and this theory was accepted by the scientific world. After Darwin died; He is buried in Westminster Church in England, which also includes famous scientists such as Isaac Newton and John Herschel.

We explained top 5 scientists of all time.

What is your favorite among these foreign scientists who have a great impact on the world we live in?

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