What Are The Risks Of Artificial Intelligence?

Mark Zuckerberg and Elon Musk have comments to this subject. So why are these names worried about artificial intelligence? Do they see it as a danger? What are the risks of artificial intelligence?

Many of us have gotten used to seeing artificial intelligence technologies around us. Is this situation good or bad for the future? This question continues to be debated. Scientists and famous names like Mark Zuckerberg and Elon Musk have comments to this subject. So why are these names worried about artificial intelligence? Do they see it as a danger? What are the risks of artificial intelligence?

Is Artificial Intelligence A Threat According To Experts?

We live in such an age that we wake up with a new technology every day. Most things around us become technological. Even, this is constantly repeating. Humanoid robots developed a short time ago could not even stand. But now, they have power to compete with humans. Many people see this as a great threat. Elon Musk is among these people. But there are other important people who share it mind and not. What do experts think about artificial intelligence? Let’s list the worries and their predictions:

-Elon Musk

Elon Musk states that artificial intelligence has general security threats as well as face recognition systems and racial biases.

-Mark Zuckerberg

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg is optimistic about artificial intelligence. It’s not artificial intelligence; he thinks the negative thinkings made irresponsible. He cannot understand the doomsday scenarios that these people. Zuckerberg’s understanding of this is quite limited according to Musk. But Zuckerberg is not alone in his optimistic approach. Many experts agree with him on the subject.

-Kevin Kelly

Founder of Wired magazine Kevin Kelly, argues that one of the biggest wounds of artificial intelligence is to help identify people. He states that we need artificial intelligence to tell us who we are. He predicts that through artificial intelligence, we will invent very different and new types of thinking that don’t resemble human thinking and don’t exist biologically. This situation is very positive according to Kelly. Because this situation cannot replace human mind; but it can strengthen human thinking.

-Ray Kurzweil

Researcher author Ray Kurzweil say, artificial intelligence will reach human level until 2029. After 2045, there will be a devastating change in human history according to Kurzweil.

-Yuval Harrari

Some experts predict that artificial intelligence will be held responsible a dangerous process. Famous Homo Deus book aurtor’s Yuval Harrari is at the leader of this idea. Yuval Harari sets out from a simple example to explain how half-human, half-robot beings can behave towards ordinary people. He take attention how humans treat animals that are weaker and less intelligent than themselves. Harrari says that the situation can be observed based on this analogy.

-Stephen Hawking

Stephen Hawking is also pessimistic about artificial intelligence. They will be extremely stable and well as the artificial intelligence robot world achieves their goals but if these goals are compatible with ours. If it’s not compatible, we’ll be trouble according to Hawking.

Scientists argue about the accuracy of detecting the dominance artificial intelligence’s. Usage areas of artificial intelligence will increase and will create new business lines growing the economy. Looking at the past technological revolutions, new financial policies must be adopted for artificial intelligence. Because if are not made new regulations, this technology will come the future and can cause wealth inequality.

We explained risks of artificial intelligence according to famous people. So what do you think about artificial intelligence? Do you see it such as a danger?

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