If You Hear Strange Noises From Your Computer

If these types of sounds come from your computer, what it means? What do strange noises from your computer mean?

Today, no computers works completely silently, within the possibilities of technology. However, it is of course not normal for it to make too much noise. You can hear the sounds coming from the fan or the speaker part of the computer. If these types of sounds come from your computer, what it means? What do strange noises from your computer mean?

1- If You Hear a Loud Buzzing Sound From Your Computer:

Almost every computer user is familiar with this sound. Although desktop users may not hear this sound very little or not at all. The reason for this is that the fan is small. The smaller the fan, the louder and sharper the sound. There may be several reasons for this sound. Some of the reasons and solutions are as follows:

  • Cooling Need:

If you hear this noise, your computer needs a little cooling. However, you should also check your hard drive just in case. Because a constantly moving driver can also cause these noises. It is also useful to check your DVD drive. Because if the discs here are constantly spinning, this may cause noise.

  • CPU Usage:

If this noise from your computer fan is loud; You can also check the CPU usage of your device. What you need to do for this is quite simple. If your device is Windows; You can reach your task manager with “Ctrl + shift + Esc”. If your device is a Mac, you can browse by entering the “Activity Monitor” under “Utilities” in the Applications section. Thus, you can see if any active program is using a large part of your CPU.

If any of the programs stress your computer and cause it to heat up; the fans will overrun and make noise. If there is a program that is causing the problem in the task manager, you can find it and close it by clicking the end task button.

  • Overheating Problem:

If you don’t have any extra-large programs running on your computer but you still hear the noise, it might be overheated. Here’s what you need to do to be sure: If you are using a Windows computer; Core Temp application; If you are using a Mac computer, you can use the Fanny application. However, we recommend that you be careful in terms of security when using such 3rd party applications. In the meantime, let’s just say: It is not normal for your computer to be 70 degrees and above. This causes your fans to work hard and make noise.

  • Using In The Wrong Place

If you use your laptop on a bed or your lap, be careful to place an object like a tray under it. Otherwise, your clothes and bedding may prevent your fans from working properly. Also, dust accumulated in the fan grille may cause this. It is useful to clean the dust here thoroughly with a dust blower.

2- If You Hear Clicking or Squeaking Sounds From Your Computer:

If you hear strange noises from your computer, you need to stop your action immediately. After stopping your process, you should check your hard drive. Because these sounds may be coming from your dying hard drive and should not be ignored.

You may need to use a tool to check the status of your drive. If you are using a Windows computer: Disk Info Dx; If you are using a macOS computer: You can use a tool like Drive Dx. If you encounter a problem using these devices, you should immediately back up all your data. After that, you can make sure that all your data is safe and replace your corrupted drive with an SSD.

If you’ve done all these things and the sound still continues, your DVD drive may be faulty and it might be useful to check and replace it.

3- If You Hear Sound From Your Speaker Even When It’s Not Working:

If there is strange noises from your computer bring your ear close and listen and make sure the sound is coming from your speaker. If your computer is turned off and you still hear sound from your speakers, make sure your speaker cable is securely plugged into your computer. Usually, cables that are not fully plugged into the computer will produce this noise. Users think they’ve plugged in their cables, but sometimes they don’t plug in the last thread, which can cause these noises. Also, another reason for your problem may be your microphone externally attached to your computer.

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