What is Colored Noise? 

Do you know every sound have a color and have some effects on people. Do you know you can sleep easily with white colored sound?

Every sound have color and have some effects on people. The color of noise means to the power spectrum of noise signal.  Do you know you can sleep easily with white colored sound? Some people love sleeping comfortably in silent environments, others can sleep even noisy environments. The intensity of voices that actually prevents people from sleeping. So, what kind of noise can we sleep comfortably? What is colored noise? You will read about what is colored noise?

What is Colored Noise?

Everybody has different ways to fall asleep. Some of us wait in front of the TV to sleep, some of us listen to music according to our preference. For some people quiet and lightless environment is ideal for sleeping. According to research, many people prefer a familiar and peaceful voice. Actually, it isn’t the sounds themselves that prevent or awaken us from sleeping. For example, a lightning bolt, the sound of a barking dog or someone laughing. So it is not sound itself that awakens us, but changing frequencies in the sound.

There are different sounds including white, pink, blue noise. Sound types with different colors resonate at different amplitudes and different frequencies. Different kinds of colored noise can actually help you sleep.

Can We Sleep Well in White Noise?

It doesn’t matter what age you are, you can sleep peacefully in white noise. It contains all the frequencies that every person can easily hear. For this reason, it easily prevents noise from outside. Recession of white noise makes us fall asleep calmly. There are also machines for that.

Do Pink Noises Strengthen Memory?

Pink noise is a type that people prefer to increase memory and sleep more. Sound of waves and a light rain sound are the best examples. Having both low and high frequencies prevents noise from outside more easily. It helps you fall asleep more quickly. For example, if you live on a busy street, it protects you from the engine sounds of vehicles coming from outside and noise of the city.

Brown Noises High Frequency

Brown noise is on a deeper frequency than pink noise. Listening to brown noise like walking by the ocean in a stormy weather. It is called Brownian motion because of the fast and random motion of particles in a liquid. It can help you sleep by emitting sound in the color you want.

What About Blue Noise?

Blue noise has more higher frequency. If you are not sensitive to high sounds; it masks the sounds coming from outside. It sounds like the water hose makes when it goes around. Sound engineers deliberately treat this sound like a remix added to the back of songs to make it a little more attractive. This process is called dithering.

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