What Is Log4j?

If you are interested in cyber security or you follow the news about it, then you probably heard about Log4j before. A week ago, a group of cyber security experts found a vulnerability in Log4j and announced this on Twitter in detail. This created a great panic in the cyber security industry since black hat hackers could easily take the advantage of this vulnerability. Log4j is used for protecting systems. At the end Apache Software Foundation released a patch to solve this problem. Let’s learn more about what is Log4j.

What Is Log4j, What Is It Used for?

Log4j is a logging library, i.e., logging framework, that was developed and offered by Apache Software Foundation. Basically, almost all major companies such as Twitter, Sony, Microsoft, and much more use this framework to keep the records on their systems.

Any vulnerability of this system would mean that these records could be accessed by hackers. As a result, there would be a major data breach, which could be one of the biggest fiascos in the cyber security industry. Luckily there is nothing to fear right now since this vulnerability was eliminated shortly after its discovery.

How Did Log4j Vulnerability Work?

According to the study published by a group of cyber security experts on Twitter, the vulnerability was based on how the Log4j processor processes messages. In other words, it was based on the methods of keeping logs that were vulnerable to security breaches about the authorized access on any network.

Since this vulnerability proved that Log4j could be accessed by unauthorized people, hackers were able to intervene in the operations by sending a message containing a malicious code. This code can lead to the installation of any other codes or perform a search on the private messages.

How to Protect Yourself from Log4j Vulnerability?

Just like in all vulnerabilities, the first and most important thing you need to do is a patch and follow the new patch news. In this regard, you can follow the official website of Apache Software Foundation.

If you are using the old version, then the first thing you need to do is upgrade your logging systems to version 2.15.0 and higher. This will help you to protect your systems against vulnerability. If you are unable to update your systems for any reason, then you can add Log4j 2.0 or higher users to your system and add Pattern Layout to your configurations. In this way, you can use the %m {nolookups} command, which will prevent any codes that allow the search function in logs.

For the last thing, you need to move the JndiManager and JndiLookup classes from your Log4j-core jar to prevent the updating problem. These are the most common and 100% working methods that will help you to protect yourself and your systems against vulnerability.

If you have any questions regarding the Log4j vulnerability, please do not hesitate to leave a comment on this article.

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