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Logitech Options is definitely an easy-to-use application. This application aims to facilitate and improve your use of Logitech Mouse and keyboard.

Logitech Options is definitely an easy-to-use application. This application aims to facilitate and improve your use of Logitech Mouse and keyboard. It also has many features. You can easily find and set up your device from within the application. You can also customize the buttons on your products. This way you can create a custom user experience for yourself. Logitech seems to have definitely taken a successful step with this application.

Also, some of the features included in the Logitech options software are button and key customization. In this way, you can assign different features to your products. You can also change the scroll Wheel speed settings. Another feature in Logitech options software is the gesture button. With this button, you can set a wider range of reproducing trackpad gestures.

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Thanks to the application-specific settings, you can assign different button usages for different applications. You can also change settings specifically for your devices. You can receive notifications and be informed about your status. In this way, you can access information such as battery level with your device.

You will also be able to access the Logitech com options application through our MX master, MX Anywhere 2, M720 Triathlon and K780 Multi Device products. It can give you a great operating experience when working with MX Master using multiple screens.


You can access the Darkfield Laser Sensor using MX Anywhere 2. In this way, you can easily use your Logitech MX Anywhere 2 Wireless Mouse on all surfaces. This Mouse, which works without any problems even on glass floors, is definitely a user-friendly product.

The M720 Triathlon Mouse option is one of the products that works without any problems with this application. This product is suitable for multiple screen us. It shows successful compatibility with Logitech Options mac. In addition, the K780 Multi device is also compatible with PC, Mac, Chrome OS, Android and iOS. You can reach the full list of products that you can use the application on via the Logitech website. Logitech Options is an application compatible with mac and ios. It is also very successful in terms of software and is a problem-free application at the moment.

Logitech Options Software

Logitech Options is software that helps you be more efficient and productive. With its user-friendly interface and new features, it is among the applications that Logitech users should definitely prefer. It also shows images of your devices on the screen, so you don’t have to search for your device for a long time. You can install the program in a short time like seconds and start using it immediately.

It offers you the opportunity to make assignments with button and key customization. Thanks to the Gesture button, it allows you to be more productive. It also keeps you informed with notifications and status, so you always stay in control. Thanks to the Logitech flow feature, you can move your cursor to the edge of the screen and switch between screens. It also backs up device settings and saves them in a cloud storage.

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