Google’s Driverless Taxi Waymo One

What features will be the "driverless taxi" application, in which Google continues its efforts without interrupting driverless vehicle technology? Let's read more about Google's driverless taxi Waymo One.

What features will be in Waymo One, Google’s driverless taxi project? Where did the testing start? Traffic, which is one of the biggest problems of metropolitan cities, is getting ready to incorporate driverless vehicles with new technologies.Driverless vehicles, which are only in a few countries and are in the test phase, both excite and disturb the people of the metropolis, who are especially involved with traffic.The driverless vehicle studies that Google started to develop in 2009 were introduced under the name Waymo. What features will be the “driverless taxi” application, in which Google continues its efforts without interrupting driverless vehicle technology? Let’s read more about Google’s driverless taxi Waymo One.

What Features Will Waymo One Driverless Taxi Have?

Driverless or autonomous vehicles, which will be mentioned frequently with social, economic and environmental effects in the near future, bring about a radical change in the technological field.Waymo “driverless taxis”, which is the step in this area where Google continues to work without slowing down, is getting ready to hit the traffic.

Driverless taxis named Waymo One take test drives in Phoenix with 1000 participants provided by the company.The biggest promise of Wayno One taxis is that they have Wi-fi feature.In other words, we will no longer just take driverless taxis; we will have the opportunity to watch new episodes of our favorite TV series or movies while going to our job, home or a friend.

In driverless taxis, in-vehicle entertainment will also include Wi-fi. In addition, Google Play Music streaming has been added to driverless vehicles.These innovations, made before serving the public, were successfully tested.There will also be laser beams on the screens of Waymo One test vehicles, which will ensure passenger and pedestrian safety.Thus, the passengers will reinforce their sense of security by seeing the movements that occur outside and inside.

Waymo One driverless vehicles, which started to work in certain parts of the city of Phoenix, started to serve 24/7. With this service, which will grow over time, passengers will be able to access the price they will pay and the distance information of their destination before calling their vehicles.

With this service offered by Google, Waymo One driverless taxis, which will replace the classic taxis, is one of the most curious issues of the world.

Do you think driverless taxis will replace the classic taxis in the near future?

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