That Applicatıon Prevent Live Broadcast Accidents!

When you live broadcast on youtube it is possible to prevent live broadcast accidents, with a program developed. Interesting application, in our news ...

We while live broadcast on the internet  can be funny and embarrassing for someone to walk into the room. For example ehen you live broadcast on youtube it is possible to prevent live broadcast accidents, with a program developed by Google engineers. This program simultaneously destroys your image in front of webcam. You and people who suddenly go into the screen; it can suddenly disappear on the screen. Interesting application, read our news …

How can you be invisible while shooting webcam?

We are taking a photo and want to delete some things in the photos because they don’t look nice. For this reason, we use many regulatory application. But a Google engineer has gone far beyond that. Thanks to this project, possible to be invisible while broadcasting in front of webcam.

webcam disappearing people moblobi

Developed by Google engineer Jason Mayes, this program is called Disappearing People. You can remove your own image from the you took image with this program. This program was developed for snapshots, not for old photos.

This software detects your image and hides you. It just displays background. As long as, your camera is on, codes to Disappearing People run in background. If you want to hide yourself when you shoot images with the webcam, the application actively follows and hides your movements. In this way, your background is visible only.

This program was used by a BBC reporter during live broadcast. Reporter’s children entered room during the live broadcast. But it wasn’t show to the audience because this program was used. Program’s demo version is available on the Github platform currently.

So, what program do you use to delete people or objects from photos or videos? Is this program developed by Google engineer useful? You can share in comments.

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