The 5 Most Played Steam Games!

You can buy or download games from Steam. So, What are the best steam games? The 5 most played Steam games, in our news..

İt’s increasing every passing day that interest to the game world. Many people in every age groups, young and old, are playing games. Steam is one of the entertainment platforms that brings the gamers together to play games and enables them to chat. You can buy games from this platform as well as download games that you have developed yourself. So, What are the best steam games? The 5 most played Steam games, in our news..

The Best Steam Games:

Steam is a gaming platform founded by the Valve Corporation. This platform includes  games and programs developed by many companies. The game content is majority on the Steam platform; users can play games together online. There are the community centers for games and programs at the same time. In these centers which are a kind of forum, users can be comment and ask questions. among the best games on Steam, the 5 most popular games played by the users are as follows:

1- Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

It’s also known as Counter-Strike, Global Offensive, or CS: GO. It’s a multiplayer game that has never lost its popularity as from the moment of first came out. The players come together with their friends here to create a team and they compete with other teams that are the competitors. There are different packages of the Counter series that are among the games on Steam. The package of 22 counter items are about 125 lira , and 2 counter items are sold for about 25 lira. Let’s share this detail; This action game doesn’t support Turkish language.

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2- Destiny 2

Destiny 2 is a free game which meeting game lovers in 2019. The players protect their homes against those from beyond the solar system in the game. The fact that it tastes a little science fiction makes the game exciting and immersive. The other series of Destiny 2 sells for about 75 lira.

3- Path Of Exile

You are struggling to survive on a continent in the game called Path of Exile. This game that is free, is played with a single player. You select the character you want and exceed the levels. Let’s share the information that there isn’t Turkish language support in the game.

4- War Thunder

It is a military and strategy game with the fiction consisting of military vehicles from World War II and the Cold War. Turkish language support is available in the single player game. This Steam game that is free, includes in-game purchases.

5- Dota 2

It’s still a popular game although released in 2013. You create the groups of two or five people and you are struggling against each other in the arena. All heroes in game are free. Dota 2 has the title of the most played game on the Steam.

So. Do you play Steam games? What are your Steam game advices? You can share it in the comments section.

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