Wearable Air Conditioning Comes to Our Lives!

The wearable air conditioning technology can regulate body temperature according to various conditions when worn on the collar. In our news...

When we plan to spend time outside, firstly, we look at the weather forecast. Technology has brought a solution to this problem anymore. The wearable air conditioning technology produced can regulate body temperature according to various conditions when worn on the collar. Interesting details in our news…

How will the wearable air conditioner be used?

Public transports, places without air conditioner or heaters and long walks can be compelling in both hot and cold weather. The wearable air conditioning technology developed by the echnology company Sony provides to regulate your body temperature according to different conditions.

The wearable air conditioner, named the Reon Pocket, is a small enough to fits inside your clothes ; you can even wear it on your collar.This wearable air conditioner benefits from a thermodynamic system also known as Pultier that generally used in wine cooling processes and in cars.

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By the way, let’s share it immediately for those who don’t know: The Peltier system’s basically works like this:The two surfaces which are different in temperature and can exchange heat between them, generates an electrical tension force and then apply voltage to these conductors.İn this way, the heat is removed after a certain time on one side of the current flowing each other the conductors and cooling takes place. On the other side, the temperature increases due to the accumulating heat. Reon Pocket can be used on both hot and cold days because of using this system.

The wearable air conditioner Reon Pocket will be able to lower the user’s body temperature by 5 Celsius and increase it by 10 Celsius that according to Sony’s claim. The device won’t make any noise while doing all these operations.You will also be able to control the body temperature of your wearable air conditioner due to the mobile application which will be improved.

The Sony wearable air conditioner, which has a price of almost $ 120, will only be available for the time being only in Japan, the headquarters of the manufacturer company Sony. What will happens in the future and how many people will use it is a question of wondering…

So, What do you think about the wearable technologies? What are your views on the wearable air conditioner ? You can share it in the comment section.

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